Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall Pictures

A couple of weeks ago we drove to our favorite state park to take some pictures of the boys with the Fall colors. Unfortunately, it looks like the weekend before was the best time to go as most of the leaves had already fallen. But we still got some good pictures and had a good time.

These first few pictures were taken on the way over there. Not bad considering Dana took these while I was driving. She didn't even roll the window down!

Postcard #1 - This is the Tennessee River down by Guntersville

Postcard #2 - Cool shot, huh?

We still can't get used to seeing the vines and undergrowth covering EVERYTHING like it is in this picture.

Playing around with the camera.


Kevin & Cameron completely unaware of Nature's beauty.

My good lookin' Boy #1.

My beautiful family. I love the background in this shot.

Candid shot of Cameron. These types of shots are my favorite.

The handsome Boy #2.

And the stunningly cute Boy #3.

He's NOT HAPPY but it sure made a cute picture. Too bad it blurred. I was having a hard time with the lighting (and dying batteries).

This photo speaks for itself.

My boys headed back down the boardwalk.

Another one where the light got me. Darn it. I like the shot.

Just chillin'.

We're wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Expedition's Expeditions and Soccer Finale

Our Expedition hit 100,000 miles last weekend on the way home from Cameron's soccer tournament so it got me thinking about where we've taken it over the 9 years that we've owned it (as of this month).

Hey, I have motor oil running through my veins. What do you expect?

My intention was to pull over to take a good photo instead we found ourselves in an area with no where safe to get off the road. I took this quick shot without looking at the camera so excuse the dust and reflection.

The Expedition has been to the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and from Montana all the way down to Florida. It's been camping at 10,000 feet and we've slept in it at the lake. It's been stuck in the snow (don't ask) and played in the mud. It's lived at 4 different houses and brought 2 new babies home from the hospital.

So far, it's been to at least 19 states and we plan on going to the Gulf of Mexico next year so that will complete it's tour of major bodies of water.

We love this thing!

Here are a couple of pictures that pre-date our blog.

Leaving Montana and heading towards Yellowstone. Cade was only 7 months old!

Playing in the snow at Cloudcroft. I just like this picture because Cade is so cute. Again.

Camping at Grassy Lookout. Again, Cade makes the picture. I think any pictures we have of Kevin and Cameron when they were little are on film.

As I mentioned, Cameron had a regional soccer tournament in Albertvl last weekend. His team was the unofficial Athens champions as they tied their first game and went undefeated from there on out. They finished their season by handily beating the team they tied.
They saved their best soccer for the tournament! On Saturday, they played 2 games and had to win to advance to top 4 and play on Sunday. They beat the first team 5-2 and Cameron played a great game at goalie. The second game was against the best team they had played to date. Actually, the team was ok, but they had one really good player. We were able to mostly shut that kid down by putting our best player on him but he still got some good shots at our goal. And that's where Cameron really started to shine as goalie. He blocked a couple of shots that were the difference between winning 3-2 and losing. The refs came over after the game and commented on how our goalie won that game for us and how good he is. Funny thing, he really wasn't all that good the rest of the season but he was outstanding on Saturday.
On Sunday, we played another team with one player that was incredible! Our team played hard and were tied at 2-2 at halftime but we had a mental breakdown or something because they scored 3 goals in about 5 minutes. On those shots, Cameron just had no chance of stopping the balls. They were either too high to reach or perfectly placed on the other side of the goal. Cameron didn't give up though and late in the game he singlehandedly stopped the kid TWICE by charging out of the goal at him. I know I sound like a typical pee wee parent saying this, but that game was so horribly refereed that I honestly believe it cost us a good chance at winning that game. I had several conversations with the officials after the game was over about it. Either way, I was really proud of Cameron's team.
The Goalie of the Year (as far as I'm concerned) diving for the ball.
And here are the champions!
We found an old pre-Civil War cemetary in Albertville. This guy was the person that the town was named after. Born March 31, 1796!

Some really old, weathered headstones. Couldn't read them.

Dana's getting Cade started on what will likely become a new chore every Fall.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ok. You asked for an update and you're gonna get one or three. We've taken a lot of pictures and several things have been going on lately so I'll have to break it up into more than one post.

We'll start with a picture taken from our backyard. It's actually the area directly behind our (recently deceased) neighbor's house as seen from our house. Beautiful fall colors around here!

When I first saw this picture that Dana took I immediately thought of...

this one.

Cade's ready for soccer!

Here's a shot of Speedy Reynolds. This dude consistently outran bigger kids all season long. He's running so fast here he's warping the space-time continuum. Or, maybe that's another kid behind him, but still, he's fast. He also took after his big brother and played goalie in just about every game.

Air Cade! Hard to tell, but he's shooting a basket here.

As usual, we waited until the last minute to get our pumpkins and carved them on Halloween. Kevin is starting on his masterpiece.

Cameron gutting his pumpkin. He and Kevin designed and carved their own pumpkins.
Even Cade got in on the action. Last year he wanted nothing to do with the slimy insides. This year he wanted to help "get the junk out".

And here they are along with the extent of our last minute decorating (6 plastic ghosts for $2 at Walgreens!). Cameron's alien pumpkin is on the left and Kevin's is on the right.

Even Dana dressed up or make-uped up, I guess. It might be hard to tell here but she painted a butterfly on her face. When I first saw her I was kind of like "hubba hubba" but I was also scared at the same time. I'm not sure what that means.
We spent the late afternoon of Halloween helping with a mini-carnival of sorts that our church does every year. From there we came back home to go trick-or-treating with the Williams (the family that went to Cade's b-day party with us). We all had a great time.

Kevin's first concert - and I missed it! I had to fill in for Cameron's soccer coach because he couldn't be at the game.
Speaking of soccer - Kevin's team started off well and fell apart at the end. Blame it on his dumb coach. But we made some new friends and I learned several things while taking the mandatory coaching classes. We even improved Kevin's place kicking technique. Cameron's team on the other hand, had a coach that didn't know the first thing about soccer and killed as much time as possible during "practice" because he didn't know what to do. They tied their first game and won all the others - and even beat the team they tied! What the heck? I guess I took the wrong approach with Kevin's team. Anyway, Cameron's team will be playing in a regional tournament this weekend. Wish us luck!