Sunday, November 11, 2007

Extra Pictures to Share

No photos again (darn it) but I have to brag about my boys' soccer games this weekend. The coolest moment in Kevin's game was when he broke through the defense at midfield and ran down the field with 3 kids hot on his heels. He kept the ball perfectly under control and took a shot over the goalies head and to the left. I really don't think he was expecting that at all beause he was crouched down low ready to pounce to either side. Kevin played goalie the second half and fended off all shots. His team won 2-1.

Cameron's team actually played together as a team for once and also unofficially won their game (the league doesn't keep score). Something in Cameron snapped last week when he broke out of the pack and dribbled down the field and around a couple of kids to take a shot at the goal. Until that day he usually either stepped on the ball or tripped over it when he tried to dribble while running. This weekend he dribbled up and down the field and around all the players like he's been doing it for years. He even scored 5 times! To top it off he made a dramatic save by sliding into the ball to keep it out of his goal right near the end of the game. His team "won" 12-11.

Ok, enough bragging. Here are some miscellaneous pictures that I took recently. Nothing special but some of you might like them.

This balloon flew right over our heads at a recent soccer game.

These pictures were taken from our upstairs porch a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the full moon rose too far north this month to be able to crop the houses out of the view.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween and Soccer

Bear with me, we have a bunch of photos too cute not to share.

Pumpkin carving time! Cameron wanted a Clone Trooper from Star Wars this year.

Kevin wanted the grim reaper on his pumpkin to match his costume.

Dana handled the carving duties for the Clone Trooper. you can see a horrible draft on the back of the pumpkin.

Ready to get some candy!

This is what our house looked like for Halloween. Like our homemade tombstones? The entry way was kept dark and I sat in the corner with my own grim reaper costume. A strobe light and fog added to the effect. Some people screamed when I grabbed them, one kid threw most of her candy all over the porch, another stabbed me repeatedly with his sword... I even scared some of the parents! I had a blast. Next year I plan on having a night vision camera to record it all.

Not sure what to say about Cameron here.

Da boys.

After watching me work on the car, Cam decided he needed to jack up his 4wheeler and work on it.

Cade thought long and hard about what to put on his pumpkin.

Kevin is now the goalie for the second half of the games. He's doing a great job.

Ain't no stinky girl gonna score a goal on my boy!

Imagine how fast Cam would be if he quit watching his shadow as he ran!

I like this action shot of Cameron. I don't have any pictures of it, but in his most recent game he scored 3 goals!

The morning games are starting to get a little chilly.