Sunday, October 17, 2010

Disney World!

The big news over the last month or so is that we sold our house! Well, it's under contract so it isn't official yet but everything looks good and we're on track to close on November 3! That will make it 24 months and 2 days from putting it on the market to closing. I probably just jinxed the whole thing by talking about it.

The last month we've been keeping busy with soccer. It hasn't been the most successful of seasons for any of the 3 teams but the boys are still having fun and that's what really counts. After coming so close several times, Cade finally scored his first goal earlier this season then he turned around and scored another one in the same game. He was so cute because he was so proud of himself but he tried to play it off like no big deal at first. He finally gave in and gave a round of high-fives to everyone.

We don't really have any good action pictures of soccer so I'll post this recent picture of the 3 boys instead.

It's been awhile since I've taken one of these.

By some huge stroke of luck, none of the three teams had any games scheduled during the week of Fall Break. I say stroke of luck, because that's when we scheduled our vacation to Disney World and no one missed a game or had to reschedule.

We pulled the kids out of school for 3 days (Fall Break is 2 days), loaded up the Expedition, pointed it south and put the pedal to the metal. Dana, who worked all night before we left, slept most of the day while I drove then had the nerve to comment to me how the 10 hour trip down there seemed to go by pretty quickly.

I'm too lazy to put all the pictures in order since they didn't load that way. Like you'll know the difference anyway.

Cade was lucky enough to celebrate his 5th birthday at Disney World! How cool is that? Dana made a special birthday shirt for him and he was given a button to wear telling everyone about his birthday. Every where we went all day, people wished him a happy birthday. I think he liked all the attention.

We had lunch that day with the Disney characters. He really liked that and was so excited when Pooh, Tigger, Eyore and Piglet came around to visit with him.

Birthday boy and his brothers with Pooh.

Cade and Tigger

Opening presents back at the hotel room. His eyes sure lit up when he saw this Lightning McQueen car.

Dana and the boys on Expedition Everest.

Cade was a roller coaster riding machine! I think he rode all the roller coasters at Disney World. Even though he looks scared in the picture, it didn't stop him from riding it again. I think Kevin's favorite ride was the Tower of Terror. He rode it 8 times! Cameron's was Rock 'n Roller Coaster. He "only" rode it 5 times. All the boys definitely got the carnival ride gene from Dana.

Waiting for Blizzard Beach to open on our second visit.

Cade loves to play with dominoes so I took a picture of him hugging this giant one.

Cade and me on some random ride that I can't remember the name of.

Cade picked this Yeti from the Expedition Everest roller coaster as one of his souvenirs. At first, his name was Whitey (because Cade is so original). Then it was Whitey Bluey because "he has cute, little, pointy blue feet."

We spent part of one day at Animal Kingdom where we all rode a ride on the rapid river. The boat we were in held 12 or 14 people. Of the 10 of us that were in it (another family was with us), I was the ONLY one that didn't get wet. And I mean WET. I did, however, have the perfect view as we splashed into the waves and they crashed over the top of the boat and drenched everyone and everything in sight - except me. Our camera was put away for obvious reasons, so with the help of Google search, I made an attempt at illustrating the ride from my point of view. Because, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here's what I saw. I forgot to draw a text box of everyone screaming.

This is what everyone else saw.

How I felt.

Apparently, everyone else had a different opinion. Here's Dana wringing out her shirt.

These are all the pictures I have for now. Needless to say, we had a fantastic time at Disney World. Cade summed it all up when he said, "Mom, I love Disney World so much I think my head is going to blow up!"