Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cam's B-day and Easter

If you haven't been keeping track, Cameron's birthday on April 21 was a special milestone. Yep, it was the big one-oh. He's now in the double digits. And I hope he makes it to triple digits. Dana took cupcakes and balloons to him at school and I think it's safe to say he enjoyed the extra attention. At home, he requested a scavenger hunt type search for his presents like we've done in the past.

Cameron and his "helpers" trying to find the next clue.

Can't have a birthday w/o a birthday cake. That's getting to be a lot of candles and I don't like it.

This year we had the pleasure of spending Easter with the Samps. I'm always amazed at how all the cousins pick up right where they left off despite not having seen each other for 1-1/2 years. Included in our typical tour of the area, was a trip to Monte Sano State Park and Wheeler National Park.

I like this shot I took of all the boys at Monte Sano.

On a short hike, we came across this little waterfall.

Cool shot of Tyler

At Wheeler, we found this psycho squirrel. It was slightly skittish at first, but Ryan was eventually able to pet it. Mr. Squirrel must have liked that because he started following us around. Like, all the way down the walking path and to the car. I don't think anyone would have been surprised if he had tried to get in one of the cars. The boys had some good laughs over this little guy.

What would Easter be without colored eggs? Unfortunately, 4 days after this photo was taken we lost power for several days and most of the eggs were lost. Sigh. Anyway, did you know if you leave an egg in the dye overnight, it doesn't really get much darker but the shell starts to look kind of weird and bubbly? I do now.

The Easter Bunny came! Please disregard my boys in their various states of undress.

All decked out for church.

The start of the easter egg hunt.

A bunch of good lookin' people. And me.

All too soon, Easter was over and our visit with the Samps was over. We all had a great time and I know Dana enjoyed the time with her big sis. Dana and I are still trying to figure out how to convince everyone to move out here to Alabama so we can see everyone more often. Unfortunately, I don't think the tornado outbreak in April helped our cause any.

Somehow, Cade figured out how to climb up the doorframe. Once again, please disregard underwear boy's choice of attire. He really does wear clothes around the house. I promise.