Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Photos

I know we're almost through January already, but I hope everyone had a happy new year. Things finally settled down around here and we're all back in our normal routines of work, school, soccer practice, etc. I don't have any excuses for not posting more pictures other than the fact that I've just been too lazy to do it. So here's a month's worth of photos.

Cade wants us to read to him all the time. He usually picks one of his Clifford books or this Barney book. I know them all by heart.

The idea here was to get a photo of me and my boys. We have a picture of Kevin and me about 7 years ago in a similar pose. This time we thought we'd include Cameron and Cade. The chaos began immediately. This was our best photo.

The trampoline had a little static electricity built up.

Cade has his chauffeur drive him around while he chats on the phone with his mom.

We went to Cloudcroft with our life group for another run on the hills before the snow melted. I thought Cameron looked cute in this photo.

I like photos like these too. Not really sure why.
I couldn't get one good shot of Kevin. It didn't matter which side of the trail I stood on because he always came down either facing away from me or he would be in the middle of a crash (facing away from me).
Just keep the camera on Cameron and you'll always get a good photo. Too bad I missed most of him in this one but I love his facial expression.
Proof that Kevin never came down the hill nice and straight. Here he's making sure Taylor goes down in flames with him.
Surprisingly, Dana didn't get on the sled this time.