Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mental Image Post

We seem to have misplaced our camera so we don't have anything to show for the last few weeks. You'll have to use your good ol' imagnation for this post.

Most of you probably know Kevin made the no-cut soccer team at school. We joke about it but in reality, he made the "A" team and gets to play in the games. Some kids are stuck on the practice squad and don't get to play or travel. I'd say he's part of the "B" team of the "A" team if that makes sense. He's done well and played in all but one of the games and he was even the first 7th grader to score this season. So far, his team is 6-0 and looks like they have a pretty good shot at going undefeated but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. So here's the mental image part: Picture Kevin in a gold jersey with black shorts and a big #10 on his back. In that picture, imagine him doing a super cool bicycle kick to score the winning goal against the #1 team in Alabama. Ok, it didn't happen like that but if you pretend it did then 20 years from now that's what we'll all remember.

Cameron quit soccer to take up wrestling. After his first practice he was singing songs about how much he hated it. If you're like us, you probably had no idea how hard wrestlers have to work and how good of shape they have to be in. Anyway, after swearing he would never go back he changed his tune after a day or two (we would have changed it for him anyway since we already paid the $70) and kept at it. So far, he's really enjoyed it and his coaches have been very impressed with how hard he works and how quickly he's learning. Why is it that when I was coaching him, getting on to him only made him mad but for these guys he works harder? What the heck? Oh well, whatever works for him. He had his first tournament yesterday and wrestled his heart out. He lost both matches on points but he led after the first round both times and avoided getting pinned. Most kids never win a match their entire first year of wrestling so for him to have been close on his first try was like a win to me. He was caught a little off-guard in his first match because the intensity was noticeably higher than what he was used to in practice. For Cameron, just picture him pinning a guy the size of the Incredible Hulk. Again, convince yourself it happened and eventually it did happen. As a side note, another kid joined Cameron's team on Thursday. Never wrestled before and in really good shape (shape = round). On Saturday, he had to wrestle in the tournament. Poor guy had no clue what to do. He lives right by us so he and Cam may become buddies.

Cade is ready to start soccer and frequently talks about how many goals he's going to score this season. Practice should start next month. He also had a blast at the wrestling tournament yesterday and was climbing all over the bigger kids between matches so he might decide to pick that sport up later. They start at 5 but that just seems too young to me. For Cade's picture, just imagine him happy with a big smile on his face as he's running somewhere. That's perfectly normal for him.

Dana and I are well and are excited to see what our landscaping looks like when everything blooms and turns green again. Not so excited about the allergies though and Kevin is absolutely dreading having to mow. It's gonna take him a week with all this grass! We'll be sure to post some pictures of everything - if we can ever find that darn camera.