Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I never really seemed to get in the groove this year with Halloween. I finally decorated the house on Halloween morning which prompted our neighbors to stop by to tell us how happy they were to see us decorate. They thought we weren't going to do anything this year.

Needless to say, that day was a busy one. We hadn't had the chance to carve any pumpkins because of soccer practice in the evenings so when the kids got home from school we hurriedly bought some pumpkins and went home to start the slicing and dicing. Because of our time constraint, I didn't carve any of the fancy patterns that we usually do. Instead, I told Kevin and Cameron it was time they learned to carve their own pumpkin. They drew their own designs and carved them all by themselves.

Cade wasn't too impressed with the stringy guts on the inside so he wasn't much help.

Kevin's pumpkin. If you look closely, you can see it already lost a tooth.

Cade was proud of his pumpkin.

Cameron looking not unlike his pumpkin.

Ready to get some candy!
Here's a quick review of our Halloween. Cade wanted to be Spiderman with a Batman mask but we dressed him up as Batman. That worked until he was about as far from the house as they could get and had a little accident. The rest of the evening he got his wish of being Spatman, or Baterman, or whatever you call it. I stayed home to hand out candy to all the little kids - but they had to work for it. I scared the pants off some of them. One of my favorites was Superman who screamed like a little girl when he realized I was real and dropped to the ground and tried to crawl away when I grabbed him by the shoulders. A couple of teenage girls finally worked up the nerve to get close enough to say trick or treat then ran screaming when I moved. They came back later and did the same thing again without ever getting any candy. When another group came up, I grabbed one girl around the waist as she walked by me while I stood up and grabbed for another kid. The girl didn't make a sound but she went completely limp. I couldn't let go because I was afraid she would fall on her face. I was literally having to hold her up. I could go on and on with the stories of the chickens that came by our house but you get the idea. Obviously, I probably had more fun than the kids.

The day after a holiday is always a bit of a letdown. Especially when you put your house up for sale. I got a big ol' lump in my throat when I signed the papers with the realtor.