Friday, September 10, 2010

August and Labor Day

Summer vacation is but a distant memory. We ended our fun in the sun with our annual trip to the water park with our church. We all had a great time. I even managed to talk Cade into going down one of the big water slides with me on a 2-person inner tube. It was a little scary even for me but he enjoyed it.

Dana getting all kissy-face in front of the camera.

The next day, the kids started school (Aug 9!). Kevin into 7th grade, Cameron in 4th and Cade started pre-school.

Technically, this is the 3rd day for Kevin and Cameron but it is Cade's first day. He didn't actually start until Wednesday. And Dana forgot to get Kevin's and Cameron's picture on Day 1. Shame on that girl.

Monthly random picture of Cade being cute.

Now that Dana works on Friday and Saturday nights, I have to keep the kids quiet during the day so I'm always looking for new or fun things to do to get everyone out of the house. The Space and Rocket Center had a traveling Star Wars exhibit. It was quite pricey, but boy, was it cool! At least I thought so. The boys liked it too but not as much as I did. It was full of props from all 6 movies.

While we were waiting for our exhibit time to start, we killed time in the rest of the museum. Cameron and Cade even took a trip to explore Mars.

The famous Star Destroyer that filled the screen at the beginning of Star Wars. It's probably between 5 and 6 feet long and super detailed. Cool stuff! The funny thing is that the ship it "captures" in that first scene is actually bigger than this one.

Kevin Solo and Cadebacca (or is it ChewCader?)

Those humongous AT-AT walkers are the size of a small/medium dog. I guess that means Luke was only and inch or so tall.

Darth Vader! And he's not short.

We celebrated Labor Day weekend by revisiting Tim's Ford State Park in TN. We rode our bikes around the park again and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Cade always impresses me with how well he kept up with the rest of us on the hills even though he was on that little bike.

And finally, it dawned on me that we hadn't treated ourselves to any Drumsticks (ice cream) in a long time. What better way to wrap up summer than sitting on the back porch, eating ice cream with the family and enjoying a beautiful evening together?

Cade prefers to wear half of his ice cream. Reminds me of some pictures we have of Cameron when he was younger.

Soccer season is also upon us. Kevin hasn't had any games yet but the other two have. We haven't taken any pictures yet but we'll post some soon.