Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slow Month?

It seems like things have slowed down since our last post but on second thought we're as busy as ever. The soccer season is in full swing and that occupies most of our weekdays. Weekends aren't too bad because they cancel more games than they play. At this rate this season will be overlapping with the Spring season.

I just like this shot of Kevin because you can see how (not) hard he was playing against this poor team. To give you an idea of how it went, our team was up 5-0 in the first 6 minutes.

Another thing causing a disruption in our lives was my travel this month. I went to WSTF (where I used to work) one week and then to Huntington Beach the next week. I took the opportunity to leave a day early on the WSTF trip and took Cade with me to get some extra visiting time with my parents. When we first arrived, Cade was quiet and shy. When Mom and Dad kept trying to get him to talk, I reminded them once he starts he wouldn't stop. Four days later of non-stop jabbering, I'm sure they were ready for some peace and quiet.

Here's my little jet setting buddy getting ready to "blast off" from the Huntsville airport.

It only took Cade about 15 minutes, if that, to get comfortable around them again. He and Pa had a good time hanging out while I was at work.

Homemade cookie night! The idea was to make some Halloween cookies but they came out much more pastel colored and looked more like Easter cookies. You'd think poor Kevin and Cameron don't own any clothes by all the pictures you see of them without shirts on. Dana hates that.

And the big event for the month - Cade's 4th birthday is tomorrow!!!
We had a birthday party for him at Chuck E. Cheese today with some sort-of-friends of ours. They have 3 kids (2 girls and a boy) the same age as our boys so Dana and their mom carpool the kids to school. Fortunately, all the kids get along very well. They're all very nice.

The birthday celebration bunch. Hagen is only 2 months younger than Cade and considerably shorter. I'm starting to realize Cade is a monster! Ally (on the left) and Mikayla are the two girls.

The best part of any birthday - opening presents!

King Cade and his inflatable crown (and birthday medal).

My wonderful family

Cade picked out a dinosaur theme for his party. Nothing says "Don't mess with me!" like a triceratops tattoo on a 4 year old's cheek. Look at those cute little freckles on his nose!