Friday, April 27, 2012

Cell Phone Picture Dump

I finally got around to downloading the pictures on my cell phone so just like the old days where it would take months to get film developed these pictures are a bit outdated.  But that's ok.  I still like 'em.

We had a lot* of snow last year and Cade spent every minute he possibly could out in it.  No hill was too small to slide down.   This is a small rise behind our house that provided hours of fun.

*Don't laugh, Kansas!  It was a lot for us.

Happily eating a chunk of snow bigger than his head.  The best part of the snow was it gave Dana a reason to break out her totally 80s snow gear.  Tragically, she isn't wearing her pastel green jacket, purple goggles or pink headband in this picture.  If she was, I'm sure blue eyeshadow would have made an appearance too. Totally!

I might have posted a smiliar picture of Cade dressed for his pre-school graduation but he looked so darn cute I'm doing it again.

Cross eyed pictures are always fun to take.

You never knew Cade had a mullet, did you?  Or maybe Dana was sitting right behind him and I fluffed her hair over his.  Nah, I'll stick with the mullet story.

My littlest MXer.

 And my former wrestler before his first ever match.  He's in the stance and in the zone!  Dang he was cute.

Showing the big guns after getting his first pin and earning his first medal.

I just realized my camera takes better pictures than I was giving it credit for.  Maybe I should use it more often!