Thursday, March 25, 2010

Late Winter/Early Spring

Life never seems to slow down around here, not that I'm complaining but I'll use that as my excuse for taking so long to update our blog.

Let's see, since our last adventure was published we took a mini-vacation and headed over to Atlanta to see a Supercross race in the Georgia Dome! We splurged and bought pit passes so the kids could see the bikes and riders. Unfortunately, as the sport has become more popular the pits have become much more crowded making it nearly impossible to get see the riders up close and personal, let alone get any autographs. We still managed to catch a couple of riders though.

Just by chance, we caught Ryan Villopoto. After we watched him crash in Atlanta, he dropped to second place in the 450 class (top dogs) and is unarguably one of the very fastest riders in the world.

All 3 boys got tattoos! Kevin and Cade got a dirt bike and Cam got a helmet. Cade got his and said he wanted to save it to show Mr. Mike (his favorite Sunday school teacher) so we were careful not to wash it off ALL week. Come Sunday, he wore long sleeves and forgot all about it.

Self-portrait with my littlest buddy.

Self-portrait with my honey.

Introducing the 2020 Supercross Champion, Cameron Reynolds!

And on my right is the 2017 Supercross Champ, Kevin! I can't wait until they're rich and can support me! And I'll get to go to all the races for free!

The company I work for had our annual bowling day a few weeks ago. Free bowling and lunch for the family! Cameron was getting frustrated because Cade kept beating him but at least he has good form!

How can you not love this shot?

I played hooky on a beautiful Friday recently and took Kevin and Cameron riding down by Birmingham. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. Perfect! We had a great time and closed the place down. Of course, the boys sacked out on the drive home leaving me to entertain myself for 2 hours.

I don't know the entire story here, but Cameron said he looked up and saw me taking this picture. When he looked back at the track, he realized he was in trouble. I also realized the moment that I took it he was going over the berm. He quickly disappeared from sight. When I jogged over there, I found him crawling up the backside of the berm with goggles in hand. His motorcycle was upside down, literally on the handlebars, and tangled in a mess of thorny vines. Cameron said he was fine and told me, "It even knocked my goggles off!" After I wrestled the bike back up on the track I realized I still had the camera in my hand and missed a great photo opportunity. Darn it.

Artistic shot of Kevin. This was on "creative mode". It's kind of cool.

No story. Just a cute picture.

Karen came to visit us for a long weekend so we took her to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN. It's a really neat site of a Civil War battle. Unfortunately, our camera batteries died and we forgot to get copies of Karen's pictures so you'll have to use your imagination. So picture a big hill with cannons perched on ledges at the top. Now picture a bunch of other cool, civil war-y stuff and you get the idea.

This place is a museum in Chattanooga. We didn't go in but like the looks of the outside. I don't remember any details of the place except that it's old.

We walked across the Tennessee River on a bridge built in the late 1800s. It's interesting to see how they built things like that back then as opposed to more modern bridges.
Still lots of pictures to go. I'll post more soon.
I hope everyone had a happy Easter!