Monday, September 22, 2008


Fall is here and our lives have become quite busy again. The soccer season started weekend before last so that pretty much dominates our weekends nowadays.

Kevin has another good team this year with only 4 returning players. They play well together and have a lot of talent. However, they did blow a 2-0 lead with ~8 minutes left in their first game to tie at 2-2. Doh! They shutout the next team they played on their way to a win. Kevin no longer plays goalie (he had mixed emotions about that) and he rotates between defender and striker. He's had a few good shots at the goal but no goals... yet.

Kevin's team got new uniforms. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Obligatory action shot.

Cameron has the same team again this year. Although their record is 1-2, they've shown more than flashes of brilliance this year. The team they beat started out with 4 kids on the field and with our coach's permission added another player when they started falling way behind - after about 3 minutes. A few minutes later they added a 6th player! I didn't keep score in that game, but the other team had no goals by halftime and finally scored 3 by the end of the game. Our guys had about 15 or so. I'm not sure what caused it, but they played well that game and actually worked together. Imagine that! They lost their last game but only by 2 to some hot rod team out of Mexico. The score was going back and forth until the 4th quarter when our guys fell apart for about 5 minutes and let the other team go up by 4. They pulled it back together though to finish the game. There were still a few instances of one teammate literally running into another and costing the team a goal because they were so intent on kicking the ball regardless of who had it. Ugh.

Cameron is getting fancy here.

I like this shot.

A couple of months ago, Cade drug our smallest bicycle out of the storage room and was always pushing it around the yard. Occasionally, he would ask one of us to push him while he rode on it. He sure looked cute pushing his bike around. I finally put the training wheels on so he could ride it by himself. And ride it, he does. He's always asking if he can go ride his "special bike."

Always wear a helmet!

Still learning to pedal.

On only his second day of riding the bike, he was already standing up.

My company had their annual picnic at the local maize maze last Friday. We had a great time.

Kevin and Cameron on one of the slides.

When Cade first got on this pedal car, he had trouble pedaling. I pushed him down one side and he pedaled back. Then he kept pedaling and pedaling and pedaling. He must have done 30 laps nonstop! Cameron is giving chase here but he eventually quit and went on to the big pedal cars with Kevin and me and we still finished before Cade.

Every year we get the boys' pictures here. It was dark before we remembered this time and the dang batteries died after this one shot. I'll have to take Cameron and Kevin back. For comparison, here is the shot we took last year.

Some miscellaneous pictures:

Cade growling at Pa. Look at that fierce expression!

The pictures never look as impressive as actually being there, but I think these still came out pretty nice. Taken from our upstairs porch.

This picture was taken Spring of 2007 before my grandparents passed away but I just got a copy of it. Here's Cameron with his great grandparents.

I also recently got a copy of some really cool, old photos. I'll post some of those soon.

C'mon! You didn't think I could go a whole post without at least one motorcycle picture, did you? Kevin and me tandem jumping over a small berm. Sort of. I was either late or early every time. But Kevin sure thought it was fun.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

The Labor Day weekend was a great one in the Reynolds' household. We started things off Friday night by going out to dinner with our life group and having a wonderful time. I think we were "those people" who make too much noise a few times during the course of the evening.

The ladies got together again on Saturday morning for a baby shower for one of the moms who is getting ready to have twins. And then we all got together again Saturday evening to have a going away party for one of the dads. He's headed to Georgia (Pronounced Jawja - since I'm now an expert in speaking Suthern) for 5 months (!) to train to become a US Marshall. Once again, we all had a great time along with a few heartstring-tugging moments.

A while back, Cade drug our smallest bicycle out of the storage room and has been pushing it around the yard. Every once in a while, he asks one of us to push him while he rides on it. On Sunday, I finally got around to putting the training wheels on and lowering the seat. We slapped a helmet on his head, wished him luck and pushed him down the driveway hoping he would turn before he got into the street. Just kidding, we didn't wish him luck. Anyway, he hopped on and started pedaling around the driveway almost like he knew what he was doing. Every now and then he would accidently hit the brake and come to an abrupt halt but for the most part, he did fine. I don't have any pictures yet but he sure looked cute. By Monday, he was already hollering for me to watch him stand up while he rides. I'll get some pictures soon.

Now, on to dirt bike news:
We rode twice in one weekend! That's a new record for the last few years, I think. I'm really sore.

Ever since Kevin moved to the KX, Cameron has been dying to ditch his Pee Wee and jump on "his" KTM. After sorting through a clutch and an electrical gremlin, I finally got the orange machine ready to ride on Sunday. Cameron was jumping around the garage singing, "I'm going to ride the KTM!" Monday morning found Cameron not only on a "new" dirt bike but also with "new" riding gear. Kevin gave Cam his old riding gear (again) and Cameron thought he had died and gone to heaven with all the new stuff. Some day Cameron won't think that's so cool - but not today. Here's my little buddy on his new scoot.

Cameron says, "This is the only view those punks at the track are going to see of me!"

It's hard to tell in this photo but I'm sure Cameron is going, like Mach 5.

Here's another feel good story! Dana was inspired enough to try riding Kevin's bike! It's hard to tell in this photo but I'm sure Dana is going, like Mach 5 (x10-3) Woo hoo! That's my wifey! Hey, where's her helmet?

Kevin waiting for his bike to come back.

As always, even the long weekends are always too short and ours was over in a hurry. Fortunately, for me, this is only a 3 day week followed by another 3 day weekend! I love my job!

Happy belated Labor Day!