Sunday, October 21, 2007

October = No Pictures

I know, I know. We've been slacking off this month. Not that we haven't been busy or had things to share. It's just that either the batteries were dead in the digital camera or we used the 35mm and haven't developed the film.

Such was the case for Cade's birthday. He turned 2 on October 12th, but we had his birthday party the weekend before. My parents and Dana's dad were here to help us celebrate. I'll post those photos probably late next year when I get the film developed.

Cameron's team finally unofficially won a game 2 weeks ago while Kevin's team finally lost a game yesterday. Kevin's team's schedule was changed due to a big mismatch so they played a team that is at a higher level. It was actually a very exciting game and they only lost by 2 goals. After the other team scored 3 times in about 10 minutes the coach pulled the goalie and put Kevin in. He played great in that position despite very little practice.

Last week, I went with Cameron on his field trip the local corn maze. I only took a few pictures but all the kids had a blast.

Cam is the one with the Yankees hat.

Cam the Cow

Cam the Cowboy

Cameron's OTHER pumpkin (I think we're up to 8 pumpkins now)

These next few pictures aren't anything special. I took these for the kids while on travel to San Antonio last week. One picture I wished I had taken was on the approach to the airport in SA. I was looking out the window as the plane started to bank and saw the shadow of the plane on the clouds below with a bright circular rainbow around the shadow. Unfortunately, my camera was in my checked luggage so I can only tell the kids about it, not show them.

You don't see trucks like this on the road every day. That's a Mercedes with about 2 feet of ground clearance. And don't worry. I wasn't looking at the camera when I took this. I just pointed the camera at the rear view mirror.

The view from my hotel room on the Riverwalk. My reservations were at the Howard Johnson Plaza but I couldn't find the place to save my life. Turns out the hotel is now called the Riverwalk Plaza. You think they'd update their dang advertisements!

This is at 10,000 feet just west of San Antonio.

I think we're about 200 miles out of El Paso here. Not quite as green.

I wanted to take a picture of the clouds for Kevin but there wasn't one single cloud in the sky on my entire trip back.